About Kingsway Dermatology & Cosmetic Centre

At Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre our mission is to provide excellence in cosmetic and medical dermatologic care, and to serve our patients to the highest standard.

Drs. Poulos and Fisher had this vision in mind when they founded Kingsway Dermatology in 2006.

Over the years, we have built a team of experts, dedicated to this common mission. We strive to achieve remarkable outcomes for our patients. We are dedicated to the unique needs of our patients, and we build meaningful patient relationships based on caring, trust, and integrity.

  • Why Choose Us:  Our aim is to help our patients look and feel their best by providing excellent care.  Our process begins with understanding the individual goals and health of our patients. Through a process of education and respectful communication, we create a treatment program tailored to the specific medical and cosmetic concerns of our patients.  Our team approaches complex medical and cosmetic skin issues by combining and customizing treatments. This approach can best be accomplished-with safety-by a team with our depth and breadth of knowledge.

“What separates us is our ability to modify, combine, and push parameters of therapies – making each treatment the best it can be, while ensuring safety.”

Our team of Dermatologists are at the top of the field. We travel the world to evaluate, learn, and teach techniques. Our team of Dermatologists have each completed a rigorous and prestigious five-year Dermatology Residency program, that only the top medical students are accepted into.

In the twelve years since inception, our dedicated team at Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre has treated thousands of cosmetic and medical patients. Our experience and reputation for caring and excellence is well known across Canada, and our patients travel from across the world to access our care.

  • Meet Our Experts:  Our team of medical experts is comprised of highly qualified Dermatologists with years of experience in both Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology. All of our physician Dermatologists are dual certified both by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Dermatology. Our supportive team of consultants, patient care coordinators, and certified laser technicians are experienced and committed to our mission.(read more about our Experts)
  • Explore Our Facility:  As part of our mission to provide outstanding care, we have recently completed a large expansion of our clinic.  Our new 6000 square foot facility at Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre allows for enhanced patient experiences. Our clinic includes new and upgraded treatment rooms, private areas for rest and recovery, as well as private entry and exit doors.  We have expanded our technology and services, and have added staff to our team to further support and service our patients.Our equipment at Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre is best in class. We thoroughly evaluate and explore all options for safety and efficacy. Our equipment is continuously serviced, and replaced when better technology is developed. Our deep knowledge enables us to achieve the best results with safety.

“Like watching a master artist at work… it is not materials but the outstanding skill and vision that determines the outcome.”