How Do I Know When I Am Ready for BOTOX®?

There is no hard and fast rule about when to start Botox®. The ideal time to start neurotoxin treatments is a very personal decision. Most experts agree that neurotoxin injections can be considered if you notice the lines from frowning and raising of eyebrows persist once your facial muscles are fully relaxed. This varies between patients but typically happens in your late 20s and 30s.

What Are the Types of Botox®?

If you’re interested in preventing wrinkles caused by the movement of facial muscles, BOTOX® is a simple solution with minimal downtime and discomfort! BOTOX® is commonly used to reduce the appearance of lines on the upper third of the face: the forehead, between the brows (glabella), and around the eyes (Crow’s feet). Injectables can also be used to reduce gummy smiles, relax chin dimpling (“orange peel” skin), treat diagonal wrinkles on the nose (“bunny lines”), soften the jawline and neck bands, and minimize excessive sweating.

What Are the Types of BOTOX®?

Since they were approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002, botulinum toxin (BOTOX®) products have been used to relax wrinkles for almost two decades. In Canada, approved injectables include BOTOX®, Xeomin™, Dysport™, and Nuceiva™. Each minimize muscle movement by temporarily reducing the nerve signaling to target facial muscles, which softens or eliminates wrinkles. Kingsway Dermatology is pleased to offer what we consider the best options: Xeomin™ and BOTOX®.


How long do results last?

BOTOX® results last between four and six months depending on the patient. While most patients notice results within two to three days, it may take 10-14 for full effects.

Which side effects should I expect?

Minor side effects include headaches, bruising or redness from the needle injection, and asymmetry such as brow “spocking” that can often be corrected two weeks after your initial treatment.

Beautiful woman after botox treatment

Will BOTOX® help prevent future wrinkle formation?

Absolutely! Starting injections in your 20s and 30s can help prevent the wrinkles from becoming “etched in” deeper and more noticeable over time. It’s a very popular preventative measure!

Can others tell I have BOTOX®

Not when it’s done right by experts like ours! BOTOX® causes your face to look more relaxed and less tense, which is often not noticeable to other people, and we know how to deliver natural-looking results.

Who is not qualified for BOTOX®?

You must wait to get BOTOX® if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Hypersensitivity to albumin and rare neurological disorders can also prevent you from qualifying for certain injectables.

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