PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Injections in Toronto, ON

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One of our cutting-edge cosmetic dermatology treatments is PRP: a natural treatment to soften fine lines on the face, neck, and chest, and even in areas around the knees and elbows to improve skin quality.

PRP is also a primary treatment to promote hair retention and growth for those that are experiencing significant hair fallout.
But what is PRP, and how does it work?

PRP Therapy in Toronto

About PRP Therapy

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. For this treatment, the platelets, which are blood cells that promote the healing of wounds, are extracted from your own cells. A small amount of blood is withdrawn, and then the platelets in the blood are isolated using a centrifuge to extract them. Then, these platelets are injected back into the treatment areas.

These platelets release growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen and new tissue, so this therapy is also used to promote wound healing. As a cosmetic treatment, your body will respond naturally to these cells, and you will see improvement in your skin’s tone and texture.

“I began getting PRP injections for significantly thinning hair, and the results have been great! After just a few months I noticed new baby hairs growing in the affected area, and the growth has continued. The Kingsway specialists are phenomenal and so friendly. They have made the entire experience overwhelmingly positive!”
– K.R.

Conditions Treated with PRP

PRP injection treatments are ideal for areas on the neck, face, décolletage and scalp. Some of the most popular areas include fine lines around the eyes and mouth, volume loss in the cheeks, and tone, texture, and wrinkles in the neck and upper chest area. PRP is a proven treatment for those experiencing hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRP Treatment Right for Me?

PRP is a popular choice for patients seeking a more natural solution for their cosmetic dermatology needs, but it is not the right choice for everyone. When you come to Kingsway for your consultation, we’ll speak with you about your skin concerns, lifestyle, and habits, and review your medical history to see if you’d be a good fit for PRP. If not, we can recommend one of several other skin rejuvenation procedures we offer.

For hair loss, we recommend getting a diagnosis from your family doctor prior to coming in to discuss if PRP for hair retention and growth is right for you.

Does PRP Hurt?

PRP treatments are generally not painful. You may feel a prick of pain during the initial blood draw, and shallower pricking sensations at the injection sites. Depending on the sensitivity level of the treatment area, we may use a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort.

Is There Downtime for PRP Procedures?

The length of your PRP session will depend on the treatment areas and other factors, but tend to run approximately forty-five minutes to an hour. After this, you can resume most of your daily activities, but some may be limited as your body begins its natural healing process. At your consultation, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what your personal aftercare plan will look like.

When Will I See PRP Results?

Most patients see results from PRP injections within a few weeks, and will improve over the next 1 to 2 months as your body’s increased collagen production continues. Results tend to last for 1 to 2 years, but this may depend on external factors like sun exposure, age, hormone levels, and your cells’ natural rate of regeneration. Many patients choose to do a maintenance session once or twice a year to maintain their results and achieve continued benefits of PRP.

PRP Therapy in Toronto

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