Treat Spider Veins in Toronto

Rid yourself of small, unsightly red and purple leg veins.

Do you think twice about putting on that skirt or dress, embarrassed by red and purple veins in your legs? At Kingsway Dermatology, we can help with several options to treat your spider veins.

Our team will assess your veins and advise on the most effective treatment, whether it be a non-invasive laser, sclerotherapy, injections or a combination of both.

The laser for leg veins has a super chilled tip to cool the skin before and after the laser for greater comfort. As the laser passes, the blood vessel absorbs light energy, heating to the point of vessel damage. The vessel then shrinks and fades from view.

Injectable treatments for spider veins feel like small snapping pin picks. They effectively clear vessels within two to four weeks. Occasionally, some pigmentation or bruising may be experienced.

As industry experts, our team will be able to accurately diagnose and plan the optimal treatment strategy to achieve the best results and minimize risks.