Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation:

They say hands display the real age of a person and that’s because they are generally exposed to the elements. Sun exposure is often the biggest culprit showing up as sun or “age spots.” Hands also experience volume loss in the same way the face does. As we age it’s harder to keep moisture in especially with all the washing and use of anti-bacterial agents. It’s also quite unlikely that sunscreens are applied and reapplied. For this reason, veins become far more obvious and hands look dry and scaly.

The neglect and abuse that hands go through can easily be improved using individual or combination therapies. With dermal fillers our Dermatologists can restore the lost volume which will smooth the wrinkles, provide a layer of internal moisture and conceal the look of veins and tendons. With laser resurfacing or pigment procedures, the tone and texture can be dramatically improved and collagen rebuilt.

What We Offer: