Jowls | Jawline Contouring

Sagging Jowls:

The jowl area is the lower part of the face at the bottom of the cheeks that nestle the chin on either side. As you lose elasticity and collagen, skin laxity and volume loss will cause the area to look fleshy and droop. Some people are genetically predisposed to being jowly while others experience it through the contributors of aging.

Our Dermatologists utilize the latest injection techniques and technology to improve this area without adding bulk. Every face is unique and must be approached with that in mind. We create a design plan to lift and tighten the skin using technology to help build and strengthen the structural fibres, add contour and smoothing with dermal filler and even dissolve fat.  Results can vary based on age, quality of tissue, level of laxity and expectations. An in-person consultation is imperative to determine if you’re a good candidate for treatments.

What We Offer: