Lip Enhancements

Lip Enhancement:

Youthful appearance of a plump pout diminishes as we age with all the generic reasons for volume loss such as sun damage, genetics and lifestyle habits. The repeated motions of eating and drinking along with dental atrophy impact the lips by causing them to cave in and produce fine lines around the mouth commonly known as smoker lines. Others are concerned with their genetic lack of lip volume or unevenness. For some, it’s just an issue of smoothing or defining.

Lip filling has been quite controversial over the years because of the varying projections we see and the evolution of the technical approach to injecting. The look people want varies across a spectrum so here at Kingsway Dermatology our first step is to determine if our patient is seeking enhancement versus restoration of volume that’s been lost. Some patients are looking to augment thin lips to a fuller profile or simply add definition to their peaks and borders. Most of our patients are seeking a natural restorative approach to rejuvenate their lips. Our commitment lies in helping our patients be the best version of themselves.

What We Offer: