Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven Skin Tone:

It’s near impossible for anyone to have skin that is perfectly even in colour. It’s normal for these subtle variances to add depth and dimension to your complexion. However, it can be unwelcoming if it causes your skin to look blotchy, patchy and distinctly two-tone. Although getting skin that’s perfectly uniform in colour is challenging, there are ways for you to match your skin and create more balance in your tone.

We prefer assessing these concerns in-person as unevenness is different for each person. Your skin type, ancestry and lifestyle need to be factored in to determine the best treatment options. A change in climate, such as moving from one country to another can have an impact as well as hormonal changes. We believe that daily use of sunscreen on all skin types as well as a proper skin regiment adjusted with seasons in mind will help maintain skin tone after any cosmetic treatments for this issue.

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