Sun Damage Treatment in Toronto

After a lifetime of accidental sun exposure or even just a few teenage sunburns, your skin can be significantly affected by sun damage.

Sun exposure causes the epidermis to become thin, fragile, and blotchy, with hypo and hyper-pigmented spots putting you at risk for developing pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions.

What happens to skin with sun damage?

Beneath the surface, the dermis loses elastin proteins, the collagen structure breaks down, hyaluronic acid concentration decreases and blood vessels dilate, making them more readily visible.

What you will see as a result is the texture of your skin can become coarse and acne prone, and—of course—wrinkles form readily in areas of facial expression and skin folds. The collection of sun damage symptoms can be summarized as accelerated photo-aging of the skin.

There is no single treatment for all the different components of sun-damaged skin. It is imperative to seek the advice of a professional dermatologist who can properly diagnose and manage any pre-cancer and cancer lesions, both medically and surgically. Additionally, your dermatologist can plan and implement treatments that are effective and appropriate for you and your skin.